The Best (and Worst) Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

The fantastic news: Your new eyelash extensions seem amazing. Now, for the bad news: Half your eye-makeup collection should go. Authentic, eyelash extensions may last for as much as fourteen days, but sporting the wrong cosmetics may cause lashes falling out and expansion harm, which could dramatically reduce the duration of time that your lash extensions seem complete and fabulous. To assist you avoid this pitfall, we have compiled a listing of the very best makeup you need to (and may ) wear when you have obtained your eyelash extensions inside.

Scroll through to the cosmetics products to use (and which ones to avoid) if you’ve got eyelash extensions.

1 weird consequence of getting mile-long individual false lashes: Your lashes get tangled. And dragging a tacky pencil lining across the lash line, where Eyelash Products form their tenuous bonds, only worsens tangling and lash fallout. And, like anyone who’s ever worn pen liner knows, there is the lingering wake: Cream and gel eyeliners could leave a gummy residue on extensions, which makes removal a complete annoyance. You have been warned.

Eyelash Products

Truth: You may wear mascara without ruining your lashes. Simply avoid”tubing” formulas (the type envelops your lashes as well as pops away in water without needing remover). Tube lashes can be dragged off normal lashes with a small moisture and mild pressure, but this formulation sticks like glue to falsies. You will receive off it –although not without losing some (expensive, hard-earned) lashes.

When it is not clear by now, smudge-proof and budge-proof eye makeup is usually bad news for lash extensions. Including water-resistant or watertight liquid lining. A liquid eyeliner might appear innocent enough (it is not creamy or gel-like), however its own long-wearing capacities will necessitate rubbing or touching your lashes to eliminate it, all which will shorten the life of your extensions.

You can still use your lining by going for a normal formulation, not watertight.

Maintaining your eyelash extensions clean is also essential to making them endure as long as you possibly can. Oil-based makeup removers are perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup, but they also loosen the adhesive that bonds extensions into your lashes. Unfortunately, you are likely to need to maintain oil completely away from the eyes for as long as your extensions continue.