What You should Know For your 1st Paintball Experience

If you have to purchase a good beginner paintball gun then a Spyder paintball gun is an superb starter solution. Then again, there are some alternatives which you need to think about prior to making a monetary investment.

The reason that lots of people find themselves needing a paintball gun/marker for the very first time is because they get an invitation by a co-worker or even a friend. Your first response is to question where and how you can obtain a gun/marker so that you can participate. And then, after a quick internet search or visit to a local sporting goods retailer, you will most likely encounter sticker shock and then confusion as there are so many brands and styles from which to choose.

Before you venture out and buy something which you may not ever use more than once you’ll be pleased to know that many paintball facilities rent guns, masks, and tanks and market ammo. Don’t be afraid to ask the person who encouraged you to get more specifics. You could also find that that individual, or someone they know, has an extra gun which you can use. There’s absolutely no point in purchasing a gun till you know that you will want to play again.


Besides the how to get a gun problem there are probably OTHER significant questions running through your mind like:”What do I wear?” “Is there any special gear besides a gun that I will need?” “How much will it cost to play?” And the all important question,”Will it hurt when I get hit?”

Apprehension about what you’ve gotten yourself into is natural. Everyone goes through it prior to their first battle experience. Owing to that, seasoned players are sympathetic to first timers and will cut you some slack. In fact, due to their love for the sport, they’ll be more than pleased to teach you everything that you need to understand for a good experience.

Now, about that question about,”Does it hurt to get hit with a paintball?” The answer is”yes” and”no.” When you are on the field you are so pumped with excitement (adrenaline) you often feel no pain if you don’t get hit in a sensitive area or when the paintball doesn’t burst. The balls that hit and only bounce off possess a propensity to bite a bit. But, although you won’t feel pain so far in the heat of battle, you can expect that by the following day you will have some lumps and a few aches and pains. Most of your pain will probably be caused by all the running, crouching, and ducking to avoid fire.

Part of the fun of playing with is sharing your own personal battle stories. Every bruise or abrasion is worthy of its’ own special tail of adventure. Usually, after fighting it out on the paintball battle, then the participants gather for a picnic or at a local watering hole to relive and embellish their experiences.

The sole extra equipment you will need is a mask. You surely do not want to step onto the field of battle with no mask. Masks are pricy and again you will want to borrow or rent before investing in an expensive item of gear.


Again, you can rely on the buddy system for finding out how much it costs to perform with. Once you have the name of the paintball facility you’re able to conduct a web search, which normally will lead to answers to most of your questions including the purchase price of admission. Since you will quickly learn, paintball is not cheap.

Wear comfortable clothing that’s weather friendly. You are going to wish to be able to move around with ease and you also need to consider wearing a shirt that will insure your arms. No doubt, old clothes are ideal for your first time out. As a newcomer you could encounter goofy if you show up looking as if you are on weekend Army maneuvers.

If you find your paintball invitation involves entering the woods or in a field that has not been setup for the purpose of paintball you may be best to decline the offer. Paintball facilities are insured and they take precautions to secure their customers.

Paintball is not for young children. Whenever and yet children are involved there ought to be quite close adult supervision. If your child is encouraged into a paintball birthday party it’s a good idea to ask lots of questions before agreeing to allow your child to attend.

Paintball is great fun but it is not suitable for everybody. However if the chance arises, you should at least attempt it one time. It just may turn into something that you are going to want to do again and again.

And if you can’t borrow or rent a gun then a bottom of the lineup Spyder Victor Paintball gun in approximately $50 will work just fine.

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