Beef Jerky – A Healthy Snack For an Active Lifestyle

For that healthy, portable snack, one needs to look no further than the vitamin dense, low calorie, and filling treat, beef jerky. Jerky has been an important part of many people’s lives for centuries, but with the very advent of modern agriculture and food distribution, it has been relegated to a small niche on a supermarket shelf. While most consumers associate beef jerky with the old west, this appropriate food choices is readily available, and makes an excellent snack anytime, especially using busy modern lifestyle. It is a perfect on-the-go food just for outdoor activities, and is easily carried in a bag or bank for an anytime snack.

Beef jerky is an excellent source of other people aren’t protein, which promotes a feeling of fullness, and is a perfect solution to help sustain a person through the day. The low fat subject material helps keep calories down, and means it is healthier rather than many other snack options. For those on low carbohydrate diet plan, beef jerky is a perfect treat to help satisfy your company craving for food without the accompanying carbohydrates. A celery stick is not going to seem an exciting option for many of us, and a savory break such as beef jerky is satisfying without being a dieter’s nightmare. It should come as no surprise to hear that supermodels were known to nibble jerky of the month club throughout the day to help them feel satisfied and try to avoid the cravings that can come from dieting.

A 1 ounce covering of beef jerky can have as little as one gram for fat and, supplying the body with much needed nutrients without the presence of sugar, fat, and preservatives that seem prevalent atlanta divorce attorneys snack food these days. The ultimate portable food, beef jerky commonly be installed to carry, store, enjoy, and share. While some commercial beef jerky products may be high in sodium, low salt options are readily available. If you can’t find it at the grocery store, beef jerky is certainly amazingly easy to make at home, without the need for special apparatus. While dehydrators are not expensive, beef jerky can easily be within a conventional oven with little effort. And jerky simply limited to beef, just about any meat can be made into jerky, and just about any flavor may be added to a variety of meats, through surprisingly good results.

Real beef jerky comes as guards of dried meat, firm yet pliant and ready for the road. It can be stored for indefinite periods of time, and is together pocket and shelf stable. Certain mass produced jerky branches are not the beef jerky of yore, and often comprise many other things that meat (fillers and preservatives). Many faux-jerky products come in special packaging, and leave behind a greasy wrapper that must be disposed of. Real jerky is easy to carry, dry up, so there is no transfer of oil or moisture, together with a convenient way to take a small meal with you without having to watch any preparation. There truly is no better food on an easy snack away from home.

Jerky is Healthy! Buy the Best or Even Make it Yourself!

Were you aware… jerky made from fresh, lean meat is low in cholesterol, lacking in fat and very high in protein? This makes jerky an excellent in addition to nutritious snack! Jerky is excellent for sustaining energy if biking, skiing, playing sports, backpacking, hiking, or every time! There are excellent packaged and bulk jerky products out on the market. provides high quality meat products that are packaged in various practical sizes. This makes for an easy and convenient snack option if you find yourself on the go, or when you are doing just about anything. You can also find an extensive recipes section for making your own healthy, low fat, high protein jerky. In this article, we will include some expert tips used by Good American Style® beef jerky to help you create the best dried meats in your own home! That’s right – make it yourself!

Jerky can be manufactured from various kinds of meat, at Great American® Jerky lean meats is the primary meat of choice, but chicken or bulgaria breast, and wild game also work extremely well for jerky. Quality meat means quality jerky, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices for it! A great at-home tip: Watch for local supermarket sales! Sales are great for getting high-quality meat at a lower price, and the meat can always be frozen with regard to later jerky making! Lean ground beef makes good jerky, and can be shaped with cookie cutters for fun jerky!

Flank steaks are one of the best buys – it’s all of lean red meat that’s easy to prepare because of its consistent grain. Chicken and Turkey breasts make for even lower fats jerky snacks. Deer, rabbit, and other wild game beefs are great for jerky making, too! Just make sure the meat is handled properly.

Jerky meat should always be cut with the feed, otherwise it will crumble and fall apart when you cook the item. Beef and Deer meat should be cut into ¼ inch thick strips about 1 inch wide. When you are making jerky from poultry, slice it thinner (about 3/8 inch). Be careful! If the meat’s too thin as well as too thick it won’t cook evenly! Season your meat strips with your favorite seasonings and recipes – the majority of the steak and chicken marinades already on the grocery store shelf work wonderfully for jerky as well. Store the meats in a zip lock bag or sealed container instantly. The meat will absorb all your favorite flavors.

Jerky has to be cooked! This can be done with a dehydrator, on the bbq or a smoker, or even right in your own oven! For essential oven cooking, pre-heat to 200 degrees and place tape of meat on a cookie sheet (make sure they touch each other) and cook for an estimated 1 hour and 20 minutes – turning pieces regularly. Test out after one hour to determine doneness and desired consistency. jerky subscription box is the beef jerky of the month club that you want to be a part of. We deliver surprise flavors of healthy and delicious craft beef jerky to your door every month.

All over again, jerky is a healthy snack for all ages! Take it outdoor – take it anywhere! Jerky makes an excellent gift as well! It is fun activity for kids to help out in the kitchen. Get the full family involved. Jerky recipes can be customized to tatse – Hot and Spicy to Sweet and Tangy… whatever your tastebuds desire! Just be sure to check your meat often , to avoid over cooking and overly dry jerky. Shampoo your hands and surfaces after handling any meat solutions, and make sure the Jerky is sufficiently cooled before trying.