Keys to Success for Black Women in Business

In honor of Black History Month, I achieved to a few company powerhouses to discuss their experiences, wisdom, and guidance. Here is what they had to say…

Jewel Tankard

“It’s an amazing time to be a woman of color in business, although when I go about my day doing deals, launching campaigns, inspiring, and doing business meetings, I don’t consciously think about being a black woman. I just do what I do because it’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Even though I am tremendously blessed and inspired by women of color in business I don’t give much thought to it on a day to day basis.

Regardless of the situation politically, socially, and economically I’ve set my heart to always see myself as having the advantage. No matter the challenge to speak differently, I’ve chosen not to engage in anything that makes me feel that I have a disadvantage. The Bible is clear when it says “as a man thinks so is he”. Once you make a decision to walk in that, you are truly unstoppable. I am solely responsible for my success. Taking responsibility for your own success and not blaming anyone else for anything is the greatest decision that anyone can make.

network marketing

Settle the fact that you can be a powerful business woman and a loving and kind individual. If you are married, you can still be an amazing wife. Whether you are single or married, success should make you a nicer person–not arrogant. There is nothing worse than a successful person who is ugly on the inside.

You will go a lot further being kind to everyone. Though I want every woman to be independently wealthy, please know that every man still needs to feel needed. Though you are moving and shaking (which is amazing) when you’re with your husband make sure your attention and your focus is on him. Make sure as you grow and increase, he knows you still need him, want him, and admire him.

For single women, enjoy growing personally and enjoy growing your business. Though you may be excited about getting married make sure you marry someone just as ambitious as you are. If you are an alpha woman I would suggest marrying an alpha male. Though it may not be as important that he makes as much as you or more than you, it is important that he is just as ambitious as you.

Lastly, know that most women that are very successful are in male dominated industries. Don’t lose your femininity. Your femininity is an asset and doesn’t make you weak. You can be feminine and still strong at the same time.”

Nicola Smith Jackson

“Many would say that being a black woman in business is a challenge with the odds stacked against her. As a black woman in business for more than 25 years, I would say this is true based off of one’s perspective. However, there is a huge upside for those who are willing to focus on opportunity and the power of diversity vs. the obstacles.

If Black Women were to embrace their heritage and understand how to use their strengths and talents they could crush it in business. Here are some success secrets for black women in business.

Keep Faith and Family First

You don’t want to be a”public achievement” while being a”personal mess”. Create the best balance of spiritual and family life — trust me, you’ll need both of them. Your faith will remind you that you deserve success while keeping you grounded and giving you strength during tough times. Your family will give you a reason to build a legacy.

Personal & Professional Development

You are your best investment! You have”enter your head” everyday before anyone else can. Read at least 30 minutes daily to build your mental muscle. Also, attend industry related events to keep in the know and master your skills.

network marketing

Stay focused and never compare yourself to others; make yourself your chief competitor. This is the mindset of a big player. Become a healthy image and good example for all women in business. There is enough room for everyone to succeed!

Choose A Business You Can Be Passionate About

As Les Brown would say,”You have ta be starving”. I chose Network Marketing, because it’s a fulfilling industry with unlimited growth potential no matter your race, color or creed. I went from being an overworked hair stylist who barely spent time with her family to earning multi-millions of dollars yearly from home while helping hundreds of thousands of people.

Make Goals That Scare You

Raise the bar, play full out and don’t settle for mediocrity. Think big and become the person who meets or exceeds your goals.

Have a Strong Work Ethic

Sow What You Want to Grow — You get out what you put in. Be willing to wake up early and go to bed late to get the job done. Be humble, consistent and never get comfortable with your current success.

Bring Value to the Marketplace Consistently

Be a servant leader to others without always being compensated. Be a person who help others succeed. This creates great relationships, gives you exposure and eventually pays big.

Choose Your Circle Wisely

Be genuine and authentic so you can attract the right circle of people. Surround yourself with positive people who support, stretch you and keep your iron sharpened.”

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Learn Why You must Commence Organization Blogging Today!

Small business owners, particularly the ones that deal mostly in online sales, have to use marketing methods that draw a particular brand of consumers. More than ever before, this implies that people throughout the world can buy modest companies’ services or products no matter where they call home. The old term is”cottage industry” and it has come to be a reality for several small business hopefuls. As a result of this, small companies can be targeted at who they attempt to attain. Sales will take place because the marketplace has expanded into countless online purchases. Despite dimensions, you are able to compete with anybody nowadays.

But, what exactly does that have to do with business blogging?

Most of us know that earnings isn’t part of blogging. Many distinct gurus have cautioned against this tendency since people see those kinds of sites as infomercials. Who would like to begin reading something enjoyable simply to discover they are being courted to get a sale? No one. A business blog is all about connecting with prospects and clients; it’s all about sharing yourself as opposed to your support or product.

How can you divide the two?

Sure, the website remains part of your advertising campaign. It isn’t important how you do it, advertising is about getting your name out there to the proper folks. A site does this. People are relational animals… we operate in packs. Nobody wishes to become a lone wolf (or 99% of folks do not ) since it’s inherent we seek out other people to associate with. That’s the reason why a blog a part of your advertising strategy whether you officially recognize it within the business section or not.

business blog

People will buy from you if they trust you. They’ll only trust you if they understand you.

Require a large business like Walmart for instance. When you realized there was this kind of shop, you likely heard from friends. Want a cheap tire, clothing for the children, a shotgun, grocery store? You can purchase it at Walmart. The reason folks trust Walmart is since they understand through experience that they’ll have the ability to receive what they desire there. The identical logic could be applied to almost any small business.

Sure, you are not in precisely the exact same company as Walmart, but giving the client exactly what they want is your largest aspect of this job. If you write a website, you’re selling yourself. Hopefully you aren’t creating any overt effort to market something with your site, but you’re selling with your site nonetheless. Your site is all about you and it’s you the potential and client wish to understand.

A website is like a diary, in certain respects, which discusses a specific experience. Writers prefer to read sites from some other writers who’ve been successful. Carpenters prefer to see home improvement sites. Online coaches will probably read powerful small business sites, marketing blogs, etc.. All these websites aren’t about earnings, they’re about giving. The blogger provides the reader something at no cost. It might be a bit of information, info on a job they wish to learn how to do themselves, or how to conduct their small business, etc.. No matter the site is all about, it’s also about forging a connection.

A site is a dialogue. You’re not likely to write something which can take hours of excruciating and thought time at a desktop computer trusting that nobody reads everything you upload. The notion is to get others read what you’re saying in the hopes which you’re able to link with somebody else. This link may result in revenue or maybe not, but it is going to provide you something invaluable.

So, why is it that you as a small business owner require a website?

business blog

Yes, the connection part is essential, but there must be other reasons also. You’re busy and composing a blog article and marketing it twice per month may be time consuming. It takes a while you might be really generating, earning sales, supplying services to customers or sending goods to clients. Why should you take some time from your hectic day to write a 500+ word article on the viewers?

It provides you a opportunity to return. You could get an opinion in the experience that others will need to learn about. You will understand something on some others don’t. By giving back, you create yourself and others .
Our job will be to link to people, to interact together in a manner that leaves them much better than we found themable to get where they’d love to go.
~ Seth Godin

It may actually increase earnings. Even if you never mention your business or the products or services you market, some individuals will be curious enough in you to search out you. This may result in a deeper connection and a loyal client.

It provides you a better voice. Some people may compose and others can not. It’s only a simple fact of life that people have different abilities. So perhaps you do not think you’ve got anything to offer you. Well, get someone to polish this up, but get your voice out there. You’ve got something special to offer you the world. Additionally, you can better your thought processes by doing this.
Small business owners will need to use everything at their disposal to attract them. It’s easier now due to the world wide web, but people won’t know your name if you aren’t out there showing yourself. Be aware of you, make some lasting relationships… begin business blogging now!

Comparison of Some Moving Truck Rental Businesses

When you find yourself about to move to an additional city or state, renting a truck will be very good solution any time you choose to move your personal belongings by your self. This will likely be an extremely convenience answer that you can get. For this, you’ll discover that comparing the moving truck rental firms will be the first thing that you just should do prior to deciding the corporation which you will go with.

By comparing the available companies, you’ll be able to pick the correct a single to ensure that you’ll get the top factors that you need for your moving. In order to enable you to in comparing some truck rental delivery app corporations, the following is short description about some firms which you might pick.


This can be familiar firm when you’re speaking about truck rental. There are several types of vehicle that you could rent from this firm. Also, there are plenty of attributes which can be offered in order that your moving might be secure such as towing capabilities, seat belts and air bags for the cab and other. You’ll find that the cost that you just will devote for renting a truck for your moving from this organization can also be reasonable. You will need $100 to greater than $1,000 for one way moving. This depends upon the distance which you will go.

delivery app

Budget Truck

\This is a firm that may be the fantastic solution should you spend focus towards the expense for the moving. This corporation delivers massive trucks that will give you quite a few attributes in every single truck for example air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo and other people. You will find that the renting price is often hundreds or perhaps a little over $1,000. This depends upon the distance that you will run.

Penske Truck Rental

This rental firm provides several sizes of truck that range from 12 feet to 26 feet. You’ll find that there are many rewards that you can get from this firm. There are various characteristics that you could delight in when you’re moving with one of the trucks which you pick. The value from renting the truck from this company may be varying from hundred dollars to greater than $1,000.

delivery app

Enterprise Truck

This enterprise delivers cargo vans, Pickup trucks and box trucks. You will discover that each truck comes with roadside help. In the trucks, you will be in a position to love the air conditioning, energy steering and other people. The goods that you bring inside your moving are going to be secure with loading ramps. The price for renting the truck from this firm is primarily based around the size on the truck, the type of move and the distance which you run.

Oasis Moving

This is another wonderful alternative in terms of moving company for the moving. You’ll discover that this provides you to save your money by taking the advantages with the coupons free of charge storage, promotions and coupons totally free storage. Whenever you do the moving, the organization will do the driving. This implies that you are going to not be tired in the course of your moving.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental Insurance

There are lots of aspects that go into leasing a vehicle. You have got to think about the sort of vehicle you want, how much time you want it for, and in case you are old enough to lease one. However, the biggest problem you may encounter is whether you ought to receive automobile rental insurance. For reasons unknown, people struggle with this . Either they are afraid of how much it may cost them or else they believe that they possess the driving skills of a Formula 1 racer and will not receive so much as a scrape on the motor vehicle.

For all of us, the brief answer is yes, get the insurance. However, in the event you’d more complicated questions, within our All-American show, we have assembled a Q&A using Nicolas Le Nue, the Director of Global Strategic Accounts in, for the advantage. Read it. Learn it. Enjoy it.

Why do I need rental auto insurance?

Collision Coverage can offer primary protection for insured accidents, loss, and damage to a rental vehicle so that you don’t need to be concerned about paying a lien or the premiums going up in your private vehicle insurance if something occurs.

What is covered by Collision Coverage?

sports car hire

Collision Coverage may pay around $40K for the treatment of damages for your rental car and also the reduction of usage –that many private car insurance policies won’t cover.

The Deluxe program can pay around $75K in leasing vehicle damage repairs also contains Emergency Medical and Dental benefits and Baggage coverage.

What is Liability Insurance?

This insurance policy is required in most states. In case you cause an collision, liability coverage helps cover another individual’s expenditures. There are two forms of auto liability policy that motorists in each state should possess: bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability policy. We highly advise that you be certain that you have such policy.

Do I must purchase Liability Coverage in the rental car company?

Collision Coverage can offer primary protection for insured collisions, loss, and damage to a rental car. It doesn’t include liability policy. You may either purchase it in the rental car company, or maybe you even be covered.

Does leasing insurance policy insure other drivers ?

It can. The automobile itself is insured –provided that the individual driving has a legal driver’s permit and is fulfilling the leasing arrangement requirements. Some rental car firms would suggest you in the counter to purchase from them an excess insurance (Personal Accident Insurance) that will extend coverage . If you happen to wish a second driver, then you have to examine it to the rental vehicle company at time of pickup so they assess driving license validity and put in this individual onto the leasing agreement. Then only this individual is going to be permitted to push the car and be completely covered.

What’s the policy for carrying a rental car on the boundary?

Collision Coverage can shield the leasing car anywhere in the world except for Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, or some other location that’s in violation of their territorial details of their leasing agreement. Some sports car hire may have limitations, therefore if in the time of pickup you know you’ll cross the boundary, don’t be afraid to ask the personnel countertops.

sports car hire

What should I do when I get in an accident within my rental car?

Instantly notify the rental vehicle company and every other thing per the details of the lease agreement. They ought to be in a position to supply you clear advice on all of the documentation required, police reports, etc…

What would be the normal price of rental auto insurance?

Collision Coverage prices $9 per calendar day if bought in advance. It can cost a whole lot greater than that in the rental counter.

The Deluxe plan costs $12 per calendar day and includes Collision Damage coverage, Emergency Medical and Dental benefits, and Baggage coverage.

By the ordinary price of leasing insurance and collision coverage to queries regarding attentional drivers, we all expect we all”covered” everything and created your next trip to the car rental counter precious for you. Therefore, the next time you are on holiday and require a car that is not yours, make certain to examine this FAQ. It might save a lot of time, trouble, and money.